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Mar 1, 2008 - RestEasy Beta
The first beta release of the Rest Easy Organizer.Feb 6, 2008 - HOLTEC, LLC Incorporated
The parent company HOLTEC is officially registered in Texas.

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As an organizer RestEasy® has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface designed for novice as well as advanced users. Features include keyboard shortcuts, extra large buttons and smart wizards to guide you through recording your information. The organizer helps you manage and keep up to date the information you every day. Information like account numbers, online passwords, important contacts, documents and much much more. Information critical to your family in the event of something unexpected. In the event of death or incapacitation, family members are faced with a myriad of questions such as where important documents, like your Will, are located, what accounts you have and how to access them, who to contact about certain affairs to name a few. The RestEasy Organizer® not only organizes this information, but it prompts you for what information you should have and helps you understand why. Unlike similar products or Will kits, RestEasy® doesn’t just give you a blank template and expect you to fill in all the details. RestEasy® uses a self-guiding interface that takes you through more than 50 questions to help insure you record the most crucial information. Self guiding in that you chose what to answer when. You can leave the program at anytime and start where you left off when you return. Each question provides you with examples and detailed information on the importance of the topic.

The organizer has several features the make it a useful tool even on a daily basis. You can quickly access and make updates to all of your information with just a few clicks. Just as easily you can preview or print your new RestEasy Letter®. And don’t worry, information in your RestEasy® Profile is password protected with your unique security credentials so only you can open it. Below are organizer details.

· Self-Guiding The organizer incorporates a wizard style interface that walks you through a questionnaire to help you provide the most crucial information for your letter. This questionnaire process insures you get the most use out of the product and makes sure you don’t forget those items you might otherwise overlook.

· Password Manager This feature helps you organize login information for online accounts, security codes, safe combinations and more. You will find the Password Manager a useful daily tool to keep track of and to access online accounts. Not only can you store usernames and passwords, you can even launch the associated website directly from the organizer using your local browser

· Contact Manager This feature lets you record contacts for cases of emergencies or those individuals responsible for handling certain items in your estate.

· Account Manager This feature helps you organize information on bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, memberships and other accounts you may have. No more looking for account numbers and contact information.

· Item Location Manager This feature helps you remember and record the location of key items like keys, safes, valuables, etc. Use the location manager to help identify the location of important documents like your will, insurance papers and more.

· Asset Manager This feature helps you track your valuables like physical property, intellectual property, antiques and income from sources like social security and more. Let you family know what’s valuable. Don’t let your investments end up in a garage sale being sold for a fraction of their worth.

· Debt Manager This feature helps you track your debts so that family can be aware of the things that need to be handled right away. With the debt manager you can record loans, mortgages, credit card debt and other debt you are responsible for.

· Notes Item Manager This is a free form editor that lets you record additional information to include in your RestEasy® Letter. Information that may not fit into the defined categories. This could include anything from personal notes to family members to special instructions.

· Personal Information RestEasy® contains all of your legal information such as your legal and maiden name, social security number, blood type, birth date and more. All the details you family needs to know to act on your behave.


You can use the RestEasy® organizer to generate a consolidated PDF document of all your information in the form of a letter that can be printed or stored in electronic format. The RestEasy Letter® contains an introduction to the en-trustee along with your own special instructions. You can send the letter electronically via email, print it, store it for safekeeping or seal it and given to a family member or trustee. With the RestEasy Letter® you can rest easy knowing that your family will have the information they need and that your estate can be handled properly.

Online Resources

In addition to all these great features, the RestEasy® website contains online help for the program and is full of helpful hints and tips to help you organize your life better. You will find tons of information and links to help you stay informed. So get your copy today and let RestEasy® keep your affairs in order and your mind at rest.

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